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I am local photographer who loves to travel!

There no place that would rather be than adventuring with camera in hand. I absolutely love capturing memories for years to come! Whether they are my own memories or for my clients. There is no greater pleasure then showing my newlywed clients their photos from their wedding. This usually results in LOTS of laughter, many tears, and "Oh my gosh I totally forgot about that" or "I didn't even see that." I couldn't be more thrilled than when I'm standing in ice cold water to get that engagement photo of my couple walking across a log in the backwoods of Priest Lake, ID. Don't even get me start on the exhilarating feeling of sitting in the back window of a truck driving through the back roads of Chewelah, WA to get some epic photos of my dad on his motorcycle with his buddies! 

Simply put, there is no challenge I'm going to turn down if I feel like I have a chance to take that show-stopping image! I'm not sure if you caught on to the locations I've been willing to travel to in order to get these amazing shots. There are very few places I wouldn't go to make my clients happy! 

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Tel: 509-398-5998

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