Favorite Photo Friday

I'm going to be posting each Friday about a favorite photo from a shoot previously that week or past photo shoots! Some will be based on theme, photography technique, over all appearance, clients, type of shoot, etc. Some Fridays will have more than one photo too! I'm very excited to showcase some of favorite techniques and strategies as I grow in my business, style and skill!

This is one my favorite photos from this past week. I love the depth of field it provides. Plus it is my absolute favorite when a client brings something to a shoot that is uniquely theirs. Old Lion made his debut in this photo shoot with this photo. He is a childhood toy of our dad-to-be. Zac has every intention of passing down Old Lion to his son Tanner. Also, Blake is a longtime family name that we couldn’t help but showcase during this shoot! Amy has a been friend of many years and we’ve been able to reconnect through their bundle of joy and doing this photo shoot. Yet another reason I love what I do. I get the chance to be part of monumental moments in people’s lives. I can’t wait to document Tanner’s life as he grows and becomes a man!

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