My Photography Story

All growing up I loved photography. I used to tell my parents that I was going to be an “Oceanographer” or be a flight attendant and have all my gear with me and travel the world. My friends and I would have “photo shoots” at my house all the time! I also come from a family of business owners so it wasn’t to far out of the realm of possibility that I would own a studio someday. There was an old bank on a corner in my small town that I was convinced I would have as my studio. It was later bought and turned into a small boutique. I was so crushed! I wish I still had some of those old photos, I'm sure they are in storage somewhere. When they finally surface be assured you all will see them :)

Then, when I was in high school I decided to pursue a career in teaching. It was safe and reliable income and I loved working with kids… Plus having weekends and breaks off was a nice perk. I slowly abandoned my passion for taking pictures.

Fast forward 10 years, I’m now a full time teacher at a middle school in Spokane. I like my job but I felt something was missing. I didn’t have a passion that I looked forward to anymore. So, I decided to buy a Nikon D90 and get back into it! There was a lot to learn from back when I was in middle school with a point and shoot FILM camera, to the high tech digital camera I now held in my hands. I was so excited and so nervous! I started reaching out to friends to do photo shoots – much more official then back in the day at my house lol! It was an adventure for sure. I’m so lucky to have such gracious friends that were willing to put up with standing there for 10 minutes before I got the right lighting, or walking through the park with numerous stops along the trail while I tried to make it work.

First came passion… Then came taking pictures… THEN came editing! This was a whole new world I had NEVER dabbled in. I was completely lost with what program to even buy. I had heard that Photoshop was the way to go but that it was very difficult to self-teach. So, I did weeks of research and settled on Adobe Lightroom. There was a lot to learn about how to make photos look great during a photo shoot and was a whole new ballgame when it came to editing those photos! It was a long process and I was again grateful to my patient friends who had to wait an extra long time to get their photos delivered to them.

Now, after 2 years of fumbling through shoots and having amazing clients I confidently call myself a professional photographer! I love what I do and have that passion I was lacking! I still struggle and sometimes make mistakes, but I am light-years better than I was. I have had amazing clients who will always hold a special place in my heart because there were there in the beginning. I cannot wait to see where this takes me. Just in 2018 it has taken me to Leavenworth, Seattle, Oregon and soon be San Francisco in May! Stay tuned to see where Studio76 Photography will take me, and the adventures I will go on!

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