Favorite Photo Friday - Lindbloom Wedding

I could not choose just one from last weekend so I’m choosing 2! My weakness is cake, especially white cake with white frosting. So, its obvious that I would choose a good cake photo. Especially this Beauty and the Beast inspired theme. Its almost too beautiful to eat… almost ;)

Then there is a first look! There are so many reasons why I love a good first look photo! Andrew was so nervous all morning until he saw his beautiful bride. Don’t get me wrong, he was still a bit nervous until the ceremony. But you can see by this photos that some of the nerves just melted away. This is the #1 reason I recommend a first look. There is so much going on the day of your wedding and there is nothing you want more than to be with the love of your life! Doing a first look means that you get to be with him/her as soon as you’re ready! Then the rest of the day is easy-peazy! Congrats to Lexi and Andrew as you head out on this new chapter in your life!

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