Favorite Photo Friday

This week ended up having more photo shoots than I expected it to have. It started out with an engagement session on Saturday, Mother/Son Mini Session on Sunday, and Headshots for the American Legion Riders in Chewelah on Tuesday. I figured this would be an easy pick from the engagement session, but now things have changed and I’m torn. So, I will chose a few photos :)

First, is from the engagement session. I’ve never been to Twin Lakes ID so I was completely reliant on Sam and Josh to know all the good spots. I usually will scope out my shoot locations so that I’m not showing up blind. However, Twin Lakes is surrounded by private properties so I wasn’t about to wonder around where I didn’t belong! Sam and Josh did not disappoint, Sam had the locations totally mapped out and knew exactly where she wanted to go! I LOVE it when my clients have strong opinions on what they want.

Second photo is from the Mother/Son Mini Session I had on Sunday. We got it in right before it started raining, as soon we got into our cars and drove away the rain came pouring down! This was a pre-shoot to a mini session event that a local Chiropractor is doing for his patients. I was fortunate enough to recruit a coworker from school and her son. Jack was so cute and willing to do whatever I wanted him to :) Plus, Trudy got a couple pretty good headshots out of the deal to update her social media page, at her children’s request!

Finally, we come to the American Legion Riders of Post 54. These guys hold a special place in my heart! I will elaborate on that in a blog next week, so I won’t go into to too much detail. We’ll just sum it up to an amazing group of veterans who not only served our country through their military service but they continue to volunteer and help all those in need in their community! From little things like join a walk-a-thon to help raise money for a school program that helps feed children. To much larger events that they organize and put together such as their Annual Rev It Up for Vets Motorcycle and Car Show. You will likely be seeing many more blogs of their events as they come up this year. Also, I was inducted into the club as an Honorary Member this week (more on that to come next week)! For now you can enjoy a group photo and a head shot of the Director (Dennis MacDonald), my father!

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