Today’s #ThankfulThursday goes out to my amazing husband! There is a syndrome in the photography business called PKS (Photographer’s Kid Syndrome), this is when a photographer incessantly is taking pictures of their kids and trying new techniques on them. Well… Since we don’t have kids, and my dog acts like I’m stealing her soul when I try to take a picture of her, that only leaves my handsome husband! I"m certain he will be a victim of PHS (Photographer's Husband Syndrome) When I was first starting we would get to a location almost an hour before the shoot was supposed to start so that I could practice taking pictures of him before the family go there so I could check my settings and practice my posing skills.

He also gets recruited to help me with some of my shoots when I need an assistant. For example, when I am working with the American Legion Riders Post 54 he is the driver of the truck. Typically, I will hang out the window or stand in the back of the truck while he is driving so I can get some awesome shots of the riders on the back roads of the Chewelah area. He is always the first one to pick up my 2nd camera and take pictures at events and receptions so that I can have a plethora of images to choose from when it comes to editing.

He I won the lottery when I met this man! Not only is he a great husband he is a great partner when it comes to helping me with my business! I could not do it without him.


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